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The Bass Flush-Kleen system design is the result of years of hands on research and development in our our own facility.
Originally designed for the commercial breeder in mind, this system has found widespread acceptance for numerous applications from fanciers to research facilities. It is a totally integrated cage and cleanout system that will minimize labor and maximize the efficiency of your operation. The free standing, modular design allows for installation in a variety of housing situations. The one piece sectional ABS plastic trays contain waste to allow use in garages, frame structures with wood or concrete floors, even second floor areas where the use of conventional trays is not practical. Eliminate shoveling manure or the endless task of dumping trays forever!. The Flush-Kleen system allows the waste to be washed down to a single drain and out to sanitary sewer or other means of separation and disposal. The benefits of a truly clean environment for your animals and the time and labor saved over conventional cleaning methods are immeasurable!

Our one piece molded ABS plastic trays are formed to butt end-to-end and bolt together in pre-drilled holes. Silicone sealer should be used between sections when bolting them together. All trays are shipped with sections pre-drilled and marked for easy assembly. The end drain attaches to the end of each row in the same fashion and allows for the attachment of a 3 inch thin wall PVC drain pipe. Final attachment to sewer or other drainage is the responsibility of the end user. The system is designed utilizing our standard cage legs, connected by special spacers. The tray outer edge sets in the standard tray slide tab in each leg with the upper deck tray resting on the lower cage and the lower tray resting on a special cross brace that is connected between the legs. All legs are assembled to the same length and have a leveling foot that adjust for a slight fall to the drain end of the unit to facilitate proper drainage. Cages for all Flush-Kleen systems are constructed using standard galvanized before weld babysaver wire with heavy duty 14 gauge GAW floor material. C-rings are provided for assembly instead of j-clips for improved corrosion resistance. Doors are mounted to swing out and downward with our SPL-3 spring lock provided to secure the door. The cages are constructed to utilize a common backwall
divider and are assembled as a back-to-back unit rather than two individual cages backed together. This allows the completed width to be close to the actual 48“ needed to ease the final assembly process. When complete, the entire cage battery is assemble together as one unit. All cages are 24“ deep (front to back) and 16” high. Widths may vary from 12” up to 36” but upper and lower level cages must be the same width or equal divisions of each other to allow proper leg placement (30” top, 15” lower, etc).Contact our sales department to discuss available configurations.

Also available in 24" and 30" deep single row freestanding configurations.


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    Flush Kleen Cage system

    Posted by Debbie Cameron on 8th May 2023

    We absoultly love this system. We are a small Rabbitry in N.E. Georgia. After almost a year with the two sided 4 stack (8 cages) we are looking at adding a double stack single side system for our grown out rabbits. Wouldn't trade this time saver for nothing!