Pro-B Feed Saver Feeder

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The unique design offers several features not found with conventional "J" feeders. They include: Virtual elimination of moldy feed corners; less contamination with urine and feces; reduction of cage front space requirements while maintaining full feeder capacity for doe and litter; slanted front design for superior record card visibility; no protrusion into the cage reduces possible injury to animals; unique method of attachment to wire cages prevents accidental feeder knockdown while allowing instant removal when desired; wide top for easy filling; large 4" high opening allows easier access for larger breeds.

Please note these covers will only work on Pro-B feeders they do not work on j-style feeders.


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    Large Pro-B Feed Saver Feeder

    Posted by Tanya on 15th Feb 2024

    This feeder is a great size, easy to mount, and the rabbits don't scratch out the feed.

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    Best Holland Lop Feeders ever

    Posted by Susan Cavote on 28th Nov 2023

    Love these feeders! Used them over 30 years ago, and today I still love them for those little fat heads :) Excellent for babies as well as they can reach the feeder.

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    Perfect for Holland Lops

    Posted by Susan on 31st Oct 2023

    Perfect for lops

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    Pro-B Feeder

    Posted by Keith Griffith on 22nd Mar 2023

    Best feeder I've found. Does a better job of keeping kits from climbing into feeder and helps keep adults from digging and wasting feed.

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    Posted by Bob on 20th Feb 2023

    They sold many problems

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    Pro-B Feed Saver Feeder

    Posted by Christina Frank on 19th Nov 2022

    I LOVE these feeders! I don't get many feed diggers with this style and they hold quite a bit of feed for mom's and litters. The only weak point is the screens do wear out after 15+ years of use and the feeder will need replacing when this occurs.