Galvanized Triple Stacked Cage Kits

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Each triple stack kit includes:

CAGES - Cages are constructed with high quality, galvanized before welded wire. Cages have 1” x 2” 14ga. tops and sides, and ½” x 1” 16ga. floors. All cages are complete with doors installed with a DL style lock and door hanger (unless upgraded to the swing out door), floor spreader (36” and wider cage compartments only), J-clips and J-clip pliers for assembly. Cages ship UNASSEMBLED.

Stack-A-Hutch legs - All Bass Stack-A-Hutch legs come standard with our premium powder coating. A special process coats the leg with a hard, baked-on enamel coating. No more discolored and rusting legs due to constant washing and disinfecting. Combine these legs with our ABS pans for cage system that will last and last! NOTE: Tray slides are NOT powder coated.

Metal or Plastic pans - Choose from our heavy-duty, 26ga. galvanized steel with smooth, rolled edges for strength and safety or Heavy-duty, rustproof ABS plastic pans. Easy cleanup, no corrosion, less calcium buildup, and lighter weight.

Caster sets - Makes all your caging mobile for easier maintenance. Designed with interlocking tabs on bracket for added strength.

Urine guards - Made of 26ga. galvanized steel, urine guards help deflect urine into your dropping pans. J-clips and J-clip pliers - Bass manufactures it’s own pliers and J-clips. J-clips are engineered in size and shape especially for cage construction. Bass J-clip pliers are zinc plated to prevent rust. Soft plastic grips with durable, riveted construction.


Prop 65 Warning:


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    Triple stack 30 x 30 Rabbit cages with upgrades

    Posted by Ricky Woodling on 12th Dec 2023

    Cages were of excellent quality, I am very satisfied with my purchase. If you buy urine guards you don't need baby saver wire, if your stacking cages assemble wire with horizontal wire to outside on side panels. If you buy urine guards install them before attaching the top. Directions could be better! Quality of equipment is exactly what they claim.

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    Stacker cages

    Posted by Ade on 20th Sep 2023

    It is a great product and an excellent service. I will recommend bass equipment cages.

  • 5
    Stacker cage

    Posted by Ade on 17th Aug 2023

    I have no complaints about my purchase. Everything went smoothly. Good customer service.

  • 5

    Posted by Sandra Mickel on 10th May 2023

    Honest review of the 3 stacker cage. First, let me say I have KW Cages and Tractor Supply cages. Tractor Supply cages are garbage. So many things I dislike about KW cages which led me to purchase Bass Equipment cages and I'm almost ? happy. Bass Equipment pros..price. nice edges around door, look fabulous, support down the middle way more substantial than KW. Cons.. not pre-assembled, directions were very poor.

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    Love these stacks!

    Posted by Bee Creek Rabbitry on 19th Dec 2022

    Do you go into your rabbity and smile when you see your cage stacks? Are you proud of them and post social media pictures just because they just look so good? Do you feel your cages are an asset to you and your animals? If not, you need to get one (or more) stacks of these cage systems. There are many great points to make about them but will try to keep this short :) My rabbitry is indoors and has a linoleum floor. The first great point to this product is that the castors do not mark the floor, roll easily, and lock and unlock without much issue. If you have ever bought sub standard castors to make your own rolling cages you understand how big of a deal just the great castors are on this product are. The legs are beautifully powder coated, extremely sturdy and well made, and they wipe off easily and stay looking new. These stacks include urine guards for all four sides ( even if you get the baby saver wire option) and do an amazing job of stopping urine spills outside the cages. The only additional option I would like to see is an upgrade for taller urine guards for the sides and back for those rabbits that have perfected raising up high enough and urinating between the wires over the top of the standard urine guards ( Yes, I have a talented rabbit that does that lol). The cages themselves are beautiful and they provide plenty of cage clips to put them together with extra to spare. Unlike DIY cages, Bass cages do not have sharp wire edges where the wire is cut and the door opening does not require guards as the wire is safely bent so you or your animals do not get scratched. They include a door holder for the standard doors and a sturdy wire frame that does not show up well in the picture that will foil even the most determined bun from working the corner of the door to escape. I opted ( and reccommend) the baby saver wire upgrade on all cage stacks, even the ones for bucks. Please learn from my mistake and don't buy "bargain" cages: I had a tragedy with a "whom-shall-not-be-named" competitor brand . My young show rabbit got her leg hung while stretched out resting resulting in paralysis and had to receive the final act of kindness one week before her first show. Since getting these amazing cages with urine guards and the baby saver wire and all the other features mentioned above, I know the safety of my rabbits is ensured and that I will not have to deal with that heartbreak ever again. Invest in your rabbitry and the safety of your rabbits and buy these cages!.