Floor Spreaders/Stiffener

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1/4" galvanized steel rod spans hutch floor front to rear.  Prevents sagging floors and adds strength to entire hutch. Available in 30" and 24". Picture shows both sizes. Sold individually.


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    Floor spreaders

    Posted by Kim on 1st Feb 2024

    The floor spreaders are nice and heavy duty. Easily attached with the rings supplied by Bass equipment & plyers. These are round and do not catch the poop on them. Are easily cleaned through The Wire with a scrub brush. And and being of stainless design should not rust the wire. I put some at the top of my cages as well as the bottoms since they hang frafter support. the top of the cages were being pulled in at the top, causing sag because of the wire supporting them. Applied the spreaders and instantly the wire pulled tight once more. Highly recommended.

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    Floor spreaders

    Posted by Lori on 10th Jul 2023

    These work great to keep the bottoms of your cages from sagging. The star off is because the ends rust if you don't paint them.

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    Floor Spreaders/Stiffener

    Posted by RACHEL PIERCE on 23rd Mar 2023

    My need for these stiffeners was such that I did not have time or materials to make them myself, in the future I won't bother, I will just order more. Great product, thanks.

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    Add one to every cage

    Posted by Bee Creek Rabbitry on 19th Dec 2022

    These floor spreaders have been a game changer in stopping my bouncy mini rex and netherland dwarfs from emptying their water bowls while binkying in their cages. It really firms up the floors and they are super easy top install, even on DIY cages.