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When we operated a commercial rabbitry with over 1200 holes, it became quite a chore to clean some 1200 feeders. "Fines", which rabbits don't like - unless they're starved - had to be spooned out. We experimented for years with different methods. We perforated the metal trough. results: NO GOOD - Most of the fines would not fall through and had to be pushed through. We tried octagonal and diamond shaped wire mesh. results: NO GOOD - Small and broken pellets would fall through the mesh and become waste. We finally tried hardware cloth and attached it to the feeder frame with rivets and flanges to form the trough and even part of the back so the pellets had to roll down over the hardware cloth, sifting out most of the fines and dust before collecting in the trough. After we put Fine-X® on the market, we had the feeder registered with the U.S. Patent Office. Now Fine-X® is sold internationally. As soon as Fine-X® was advertised, others in the business copied the idea. But none had the concept of it because these equipment dealers surely didn't operate a commercial rabbitry raising up to 25,000 fryers a year as we did. So, if you don't already have some Fine-X® Feeders in your operation, order some today and start saving time - and money - with the best self-cleaning feeder available in the world!

Optional covers available with part numbers 1AFC, 2AFC, 3AFC, 4AFC, & 5AFC for the attachable feeder covers or 1FC, 2FC, 3FC, 4FC, & 5FC for the standard covers. 

Please note Pro-B covers will not work on these feeders.


  • 5
    Best Feeders

    Posted by David LaChute on 22nd May 2024

    I purchased these feeders to replace some old feeder. I have to say I will be making another purchase. The build quality is great.

  • 5
    Well made and delivered quickly!

    Posted by Sonia on 6th May 2024

    Highly recommend

  • 5
    Good quality feeders

    Posted by Vanessa on 28th Mar 2024

    We ordered 9 feeders, they are good quality and arrived quickly! We will definitely be ordering again.

  • 5
    Rabbit feeders

    Posted by John Seiler on 18th Mar 2024

    They work very well.

  • 3

    Posted by Caleb Turner on 30th Jan 2024

    Wish it came with a lid thats attached

  • 3
    Decent for the price

    Posted by Amy on 6th Dec 2023

    The opening is much more narrow that others I have. It makes it harder for the rabbits to access the food with their mouths.

  • 5
    Best J-Feeders you can buy

    Posted by Ryan on 5th Dec 2023

    We've tried literally every feeder out there. The wide mouth Fine-X feeders are the longest lasting and most reliable feeders we've found. The fine screen on the bottom sifts the dust out of today's pellets and keeps the food dry for the rabbits. The only complaint we have is the attachable lids don't always fit the best when the feeder is attached to the wire, but that's a minor issue because it still performs. Quality made and Bass has a great price on them.

  • 4
    Well made

    Posted by Tobby on 31st Jul 2023

    Well made feeder, no dust or food loss. The lid pops off sometimes if you buy the lid. Otherwise it does not come with one.

  • 4

    Posted by Greg Nalley on 21st Jul 2023

    These are great feeders and I purchase 4 of them but it wasn't until I received them that I found that they do not come with lids hence 4 starts instead of 5. You have to purchase lids separately. Never heard of having to do that before. They do list lower down in the description that you have to buy the lids separately but why not go ahead and give that as an option in the drop down menu like 9.5" with lid = $$ or 9.5" without lid = $$. Seems a better way to offer feeders with or without lids than having the customer have to figure it out. Just a suggestion.